Two Unconventional Stages for Seasoned Poets

January 1st, 2014

#FaceOffATL-Battle-of-The-bands-live-music-spoken-word-Aurum-Lounge-AtlantaPoets generally perform in front of crowds of other poets and artists. Not since Big Rube of the Dungeon Family has a poet routinely performed in other avenues on a regular basis. Some poets ask what happened to this mainstream audience.

The PEARL of PBP answers with two magnificent events, the Lust the Lyrics Singles Mixer & Show and the Face Off ATL halftime show. Lust the Lyrics takes place each fourth Wednesday of each month. Presented by RAMEGA and The PEARL, Lust the Lyrics Singles Mixer and show is a place for singles to find one another easily. As patrons arrive, they choose an arm band that signifies their single status: looking for a friend, looking for something serious, and down for whatever. A fourth band will be added to the January event since some couples came to support their single friends during the first event. The December event is cancelled, but couples can support their single friends and wear a taken arm band during the January event.

Arm bands only help single people recognize like minds, while the games with prizes serve as ice breakers at the beginning of the evening. Prizes are distributed during the 30-45 minute show of carefully selected artists and then the club atmosphere begins. All of this fun occurs between 8 PM and 12 AM allowing those with early work schedules to enjoy all of the fun before leaving. Everyone else can stay and enjoy their night. Poets, R&B, and Hip-hop artists are selected to perform.

The Real DJ Mook provided the sounds of sensuality and love during the first portion of the show. He also assisted the artists with the sound portion of the show and is known for his late night club atmosphere – The Turn Up.

Each Sunday, Prophecy Events, Muddy Water Entertainment Group, and Party Life Entertainment present a battle of bands at Aurum Lounge. Face Off ATL is an event which two bands compete for the Sunday position at Aurum Lounge. These bands play cover songs from all eras, different genres, and incorporate their own songs. The crowd assists the celebrity judge with the winning choice, but the judge ultimately makes the decision.

Each band plays two sets. Between the first set and the second set, select spoken word perform. This halftime set is brought to you by The PEARL of the I Am Poetry clothing line. Bands and poets seeking to perform at this event are asked to attend a performance where they can sign up to perform on a future date.

Atlanta Promoter Helps Artists Hone Their Craft

December 25th, 2013

FanHitz-Ramega-Atlanta-PromoterAtlanta promoter RAMEGA of provides many avenues for artists to grow. They can grow their fan base using the FanHitz social media website or one of the many performance events throughout the city.

Please Don’t Kill My Vibe and Business Opportunity Night are only a couple of events that RAMEGA has promoted. He currently promotes Soul Power, HitMakerz, Lust the Lyrics, and Networking Kickback.

Soul Power is an artist open mic where performers receive a discounted door charge because of their contribution to the event. Hip-hop artists, R&B singers, soul singers, poets, musicians, and spoken word artists try new material and solidify their stage presence with the assistance of the audience. This event takes place every first and third Wednesday of the month and is supported by The PEARL of PBP Publishing Consultants.

HitMakerz is a contest of art that’s takes place every Sunday evening. Based on crowd response, a prize is presented each evening. Each week’s winner then performs at the Champion of Winners event where they can win $1000. Poets, R&B artists, and hip-hop arts have all won the weekly events, so no performing artist should be discouraged from participating.

Every second Wednesday of the month, Ramega partners with the artist manager BizzyB to bring you Networking Kickback. Artists are selected to perform at this event that provides lectures and workshops from industry professionals who teach artist how to make money using their craft. BizzyB manages artist such as the soulful Kim Joyce and triple threat Aliepson who also host the evening’s event.

Lust the Lyrics Singles mixer and show occurs the fourth Wednesday of each month and provides artists with a different crowd of individuals. Artists are selected for this short show during an event that allows singles to get to know one another and have fun dancing. The PEARL and RAMEGA work together to make this event possible.

Have you participated or been an audience member of any of these events? What did you think of them?